Itchy Bumps On Feet: Causes And Treatment Options

People suffering from itchy bumps on their feet are normally said to sweat profusely. Itchy bumps on feet can simply be described as small elevated bumps on a person the feet which contain oozing fluids. The condition normally causes a lot of itching on a person’s feet particularly to the palm and sole.

According to most researchers’ findings, such symptoms may indicate that a person is suffering from athlete’s foot a disease; a condition experienced by most athletes at some point in their sporting life.

Before treating the condition it’s important for one to understand what causes it, so that one can deal with it effectively.

Here are the main causes of itchy bumps on feet disease:

Improper Footwear

Wearing improper shoes is one of the most mentioned causes of itchy bumps on foot disease. Wearing improper footwear, for example very tight fitting pair or socks or shoes, causes some of form of itchiness and development of tiny bumps. The only way to prevent such a problem from occurring is to wear shoes that are comfortable and have good air circulation.

Athlete’s Foot

Itchy bumps on feet can also occur be as result of a fungal infection, and the problem may indicate that a person might be suffering from athletes’ foot. Athlete’s foot is a condition closely related to itchy bumps on feet disease and as such, sometimes they are normally are referred as one.

Allergic Reaction

Aside from obvious causes like wearing tight shoes or socks, itchy bumps on your feet can also occur as a result of an adverse allergic reaction if you happen to take medication like ibuprofen. Such medication may causes allergic reactions like the appearance of itchy rashes on feet and hand which eventually develops into bumps or blisters.

Sweating Profusely

Excessive sweating has also been largely pointed as cause for itchy bumps on many people’s feet. Essentially increased sweating causes the blockage of sweat ducts which in turn causes itchy bump to appear on the surface of the skin.


Itchy bumps on the feet can also be caused by kind of eczema called the pompholyx. Generally pompholyx causes a lot of itchiness on the sole, toes and palm.

Treatment Options

Treating itchy bumps on feet requires that one maintains high hygienic standards on their feet. Simply cleaning your feet daily can greatly eliminate these conditions. One should clean the bumps and make sure they are completely dry, make sure that you use a dry towel or tissue to wipe yourself. An itchy bump on your foot disease is highly contagious because it is caused by fungus and as such, one should not share a towel with one another. Aside from just cleaning your feet regularly it’s also recommended that you apply either an anti-fungal medication regardless of whether it’s herbal or fungal

Use An Anti-fungal Cream

Another way of treating itchy bumps on your feet involves purchasing several over the counter medication. There many over the counter anti-fungal medication that can eliminate the condition with time. Spraying the inside of your shoes with an anti fungal spray is another vital way of treating this condition. Ideally spraying the inside of your shoes with such a spray not only eliminates potential fungus spores in your shoes but actually eliminates the fungus infection on your feet. Apply the prescribed anti-fungal cream for several times until the symptoms start to disappear. If you are suffering from athlete’s foot or itchy bumps on feet disease, then an anti-fungal medication is what you probably need.

Use Herbs

Since its common knowledge that itchy bumps one’s feet ailments are mainly as a result of a fungus infection, then one can rightly look for herbs with antifungal properties to ease the condition. Some of the most common herbs that one can use to ease the condition include chamomile, garlic, licorice, tea tree oil, turmeric etc. if you are suffering from the often disturbing itchy bumps on your feet disease then look out for many of the mentioned herbs to ease the condition.

Consult Your Doctor

Another treatment suggestion for this condition involves consulting your doctor who will prescribe a more effective hydrocortisone which will help you get rid of the bumps. Consult your doctor if you notice itchiness on your feet, he or she will prescribe you with the right medication to ease the condition.

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